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BPStat® is an advanced tool for scientists, researchers, CRA & CRO!

Create your own clinical trial database in several clicks!

Do you still manually enter ABPM data into a summary table?

Forget about it!

We offer simple and streamlined solution!

You just need to:

а) start BPStat program

b) select the appropriate BPW-files in your computer*

с) tick hemodynamic parameters to be assessed in a summary table

d) then press Start

And… enjoy another cup of coffee!

*BPW-files – special data format for BPLab® ABPMs containing both standard blood pressure values and digitalized pulse waves as well.

BPStat program:

  • collects and analyses blood pressure values from BPLab® ABPMs;
  • tabulates BPLab® ABPM data and advanced parameters of arterial stiffness and central blood pressure obtained by BPLab Vasotens® systems;
  • enables a simultaneous export of a great number of waveform files (BPW) into the required statistical programs via Excel / CSV.

At the present moment the following parameters are available:

Standard ABPM parameters:

  • Systolic BP (SYS);
  • Diastolic BP (DIA);
  • Mean Blood Pressure (MBP);
  • Pulse Pressure (PP);
  • Heart Rate (HR);
  • Double Product Index (DP).

Advanced hemodynamic parameters:

Arterial stiffness parameters:

  • Pulse Wave Velocity in aorta (PWVao);
  • Augmentation Index (AIx);
  • Reflected Wave Transit Time (RWTT);
  • Maximum Rate of Arterial Pressure Rise (dP/dt).

Central aortic pressure parameters:

  • Systolic BP in aorta (SYSao);
  • Diastolic BP in aorta (DIAao);
  • Mean BP in aorta (MBPao);
  • Pulse Pressure in aorta (PP);
  • Pulse Pressure Amplification (PPA);
  • Ejection Duration (ED);
  • Subendocardial Viability Ratio (SEVR).

Day-time/night-time, average values or variability of central blood pressure, peripheral blood pressure and arterial stiffness can be accessed via BPStat®-software.

The received data can be presented in a single line for each patient or as multiple line arrays showing tracking of peripheral BP, central BP, AIx, RWTT, PWV etc.

This software will be duly appreciated by statisticians who are engaged in 24-hour analysis of blood pressure and new parameters: anyone from PhD-student in a small clinic to SAS-developers in a big research organization.

  1. Significant time saving for researchers while performing statistical analysis.
  2. New parameters expand opportunities for a clinical trial.
  3. Data bulk processing.

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