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Vasotens® 24 CAP

Vasotens® 24 CAP

24-hour central blood pressure

BPLab Vasotens 24® is a unique diagnostic system which combines estimation of central blood pressure parameters with traditional blood pressure measurement.

BPLab Vasotens 24®:

  • Includes 24-hour blood pressure monitoring system BPLab and software Vasotens;
  • Uses an inexpensive oscillometric method for estimation of central blood pressure and peripheral hemodynamics parameters;
  • The system saves pulse wave records (oscillograms) of every measurement; The available oscillograms are assessed by advanced software Vasotens® afterwards;
  • Designed both for routine clinical tests and scientific research;
  • Measurement data outputs are represented in form of tables and graphs;
  • Enables monitoring of patients within 24 hours;
  • No additional inflation step for 24-hour pulse wave analysis;
  • Validations against invasive methods and SphygmoCor device.

Central blood pressure parameters to be assessed within 24 hours:

  • Systolic blood pressure in aorta (SYSao);
  • Diastolic blood pressure in aorta (DIAao);
  • Mean blood pressure in aorta (MBPao);
  • Pulse pressure in aorta (PPao);
  • Pulse pressure amplification (PPA);
  • Ejection duration (ED);
  • Subendocardial viability ratio (SEVR).

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